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Our Commitment to Team Safety

Safety is the priority, quality is our standard.

For CDI Contracting Inc., the quality of our work and the welfare our team go hand in hand. Our focus on safety begins with the applicant. Continuing with updated safety programs is always a top priority.


Our third party safety group, ISN keeps us on board with all the latest protocols.


Workplace safety is vital to the long term success of our company. Our workers are our most important asset and their safety, health and well being are considered to be the most critical. All accidents/incidents can be prevented using hazardous identification, hazardous remediation, employee safety education and safety process monitoring.

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“No job is so important, and no task is so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely.”


Safety does not occur by chance. Accident Prevention is the result of planning at every jobsite by those involved. Before any task, CDI Contracting Inc. employees take the necessary precautions to ensure jobsite safety. Our dedication to Safety establishes comprehensive in-house and on site safety training and job site inspections that ensure compliance at all levels.

Zero accidents is every employee’s goal!


Days without a lost time injury

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